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Gilles Nuytens [Pronounce: Gilles Nuytens ] is a multi-talented artist, possessing a keen passion for cinema. His career especially encompasses writing & acting. He is a writer with a background in comic-strips, scriptwriting, photo and computer graphics.

With a passionate and curious nature, Gilles has spent his life observing the world around him, allowing him to develop a critic sense and a vision of the world often misunderstood by others. From an early age, he showed interest in art, especially by creating comic strips. He made-up hare-brained worlds where his characters evolved, and this allowed him to develop his creative imagination. His teachers noticed he had some potential and they made him pass a class!

By age 18, he starts to study comic strips at Institut St Luc in Brussels, and this leds him to deepen his artistic knowledge through scriptwriting, photography and illustration. He bought his first computer and despite his inexperienced skills with these machines, he decided to pursue his studies with web-design classes. It was a good choice. He ended up winning the first prize in a contest, and then went on to be hired by a web-design company to not only design websites, but also train adults and kids.

As a teenager, Gilles’ dream was to become an actor. To be able to come closer to his passion, he creates a website, « The Scifi World » where he publishes all his artwork related to science-fiction. He decides to go further by contacting movie business people, actors and directors. He is quickly spotted by influent people in the business and they ask him to complete different graphic works for them: actors official websites, convention photos and much more. He is even invited on Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis sets in Canada!

One of Gilles' all time dream was to become an actor, and after having worked as a graphic artist for many years, he finally decided to start an acting career. In 2012, he started theatre classes at an academy in Brussels in parallel with an acting studio. After many small parts in movies, he got more interesting jobs in some short movies such « Zombie Clash », « Legacy Of Time » or « Bad Gamble ». But, with the movie « 8 Hours », which he co-produced and co-wrote, he finally got a true role in a movie. Then, more interesting roles came up such the role of the mysterious « Casper » in the French movie « Marc Saint Georges » and « Doctor Vancopen » in the webseries « Anatomy of an Antihero ».

Later on, he wanted to deepen his knowledge of the scriptwriting field. He begins writing different short stories but the most successfully completed work at this time is a novel called PASTA WARS a spoof inspired by Star Wars and the pastafarianism.

Gilles Nuytens